Where is software quality going?

Yesterday I was visiting Scania when their R&D department had a family-day where they demonstrated what they are working with. Scania, for those of you who don’t know, is famous for making high quality trucks and buses. What struck me when we went from room to room and hall to hall was that wherever we went, there was an automated testing rig!



User-Guide-Driven Development

In my work with Bumblebee I use an approach I call “User-Guide-Driven Development”, or UGDD for short. The mechanics of UGDD is similar to that of Test-Driven Development (TDD), but before I write the test for a feature, I write a snippet of the user guide describing the feature I am about to implement. More

Programmer as tester, project manager and usability expert?

During the last couple of years programmers have been doing more and more testing thanks to the TDD-“paradigm”, and we have faced problems that testers have been facing for many years, e.g. “What are the boundary values?”, “Do I cover all special cases?” and so on. Programmers have become “30% testers”.


Agile is relative and dynamic

Some people say things like “I wonder what will be the next hype after Agile?”.

I my opinion this illustrates a misconception about agile, that agile is static and absolute. This is simply not the case.


If-else or DecisionMaker?

On the testdrivendevelopment list there has been a discussion lately about what a testable language should look like.

I threw in a thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time: make a language without if-else/switch-case’s. They hide bugs, make you miss states, make the code unreadable, and they make the testing complexity explode.


Unit tests, acceptance tests and documentation – trying to strike the optimal balance

Lately I’ve been coding away on my hobby project Bumblebee. Bumblebee is about integrating your documentation into you test cases and get human-readable documents from it.


Bumblebee 0.1 is out the door!

I just released the first version of Bumblebee. You can read more about at
which of course is a document that is generated by Bumblebee.

It shows the first version of how to create snippeted documentation in a really easy way. It is rather
comprehensive, so I won’t repeat the details here, but feel free to ask any questions!

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