Speaking at SDC2009!

Together with Ola Ellnestam, I will host a session at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2009: Start paying your technical debt! at 17.15 in the Development Process & Methodology track.

We will talk about how to get organized around paying back technical debt that requires several iterations of work, while still delivering value and without having a broken code base in the process.

Physical visible workspace is just more robust!

Did you ever end up feeling crippled with yet another “agile” story management tool?


You get what you measure

Yesterday I watched Grand Designs on TV where a couple restored an old 1600-century house. They found that at least one window was shut with bricks and concrete (or the equivalent used at that time), but when they opened it up the whole room changed and the light and the view the window provided was beautiful.

The reason for shutting the window, as Kevin McCloud told, was that long ago there was a window-tax (!!) in England, hence a lot of windows where shut this way.

You get what you measure.