Are you proud of what you do? Do you let others be?

Sometimes I get very proud of what I accomplish, at work or otherwise. This is a very rewarding feeling that last for years when looking back.

So I asked myself when am I proud of what I’ve done? What are the circumstances?

The common denominator is that when I get a clear goal to meet or beat, accompanied by the freedom of choice for how to meet the goal and trust and support, I work the best. I get the feeling that I’m not alone… The more limitations put onto me, the harder it gets.

Micromanagement is probably the worst of all, where someone has an excessive need to control my work, without trust and support. In these situations I’m usually not allowed to do the things I need to do to be proud. These are times of frustration, and those situation usually ends with me doing something else at another place, according to “Fowlers law:” If you can change your organization, change your organization.

Are you a supervisor, team-leader or a boss?

Do you let your staff be proud of what they do? Do you set up clear goals? Do you help and support them in their efforts to meet the goals and be proud of their work? Do you listen to their needs and dreams?

You should.


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