Energized work

One of the members on my team is having his son acclimatizing at daycare, and he was amazed with how the kids were playing around together, climbing and crawling, and how they we’re constantly experiencing, thinking and learning. He said “They seem to have so much fun and learn so much, why don’t we do that as adults?”.

Yeah, why don’t we?

Why don’t we start with assuming nothing, try everything. See what is good and what is bad, what is fun and what is not. Keep doing the good stuff and the fun stuff.

Not all people like the same things. Good, then we can go on different paths, try different things, maybe meet again in a couple of hours and learn from each other or perhaps tag along for a while, or maybe argue over how to do things.

Then we go for an ice cream in the sun and tell stories and think of what to do next. Everybody likes ice cream.

In the end of the day we will fall sound asleep, and while we re-live the things we did during the day in our dreams we categorize, compress and learn, and then we will have a whole new set of ideas for the next day of adventure.

We could do that. It’s called energized work.


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