Agile is relative and dynamic

Some people say things like “I wonder what will be the next hype after Agile?”.

I my opinion this illustrates a misconception about agile, that agile is static and absolute. This is simply not the case.

Agile is about inspection, reflection and adaption, the practices we use strive to give us the best and fastest feedback to enable reflection and corrective action. As opposed to many other project management/development methodologies that say “do this then that and last the other”, i.e. they are practice oriented, agile is value- and principle oriented. Right now, those values tell us to do e.g. Scrum, TDD, Continuous integration, short iterations, customer on-site, and more, but those practices will probably change as we inspect, reflect and adapt the way we work.

Sure, if we fail to inspect, reflect and adapt the way we work we will go stale, but, then we’re not doing agile.

Agile is about the constant changes to do things in a better way. Agile is to never be satisfied. Agile is relative and dynamic.


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  1. Tobias Fors
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 09:26:51

    Right on! But make no mistake, there will be a next hype, that’s just the way the world, especially the business world, works. Let’s just make sure we hold on to those core values you describe, and that agile have made us remember again. And let’s make sure we only latch on to the trends we feel are in sync with our core values.


  2. Project Management Hut
    Sep 22, 2009 @ 15:41:33

    Probably the next big thing for Agile is having Agile work for very large (mega) projects. Currently Agile is known that it only works for small projects. I just published an article on how to scale Agile, hopefully you’ll get the chance to read it.


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