If-else or DecisionMaker?

On the testdrivendevelopment list there has been a discussion lately about what a testable language should look like.

I threw in a thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time: make a language without if-else/switch-case’s. They hide bugs, make you miss states, make the code unreadable, and they make the testing complexity explode.


Unit tests, acceptance tests and documentation – trying to strike the optimal balance

Lately I’ve been coding away on my hobby project Bumblebee. Bumblebee is about integrating your documentation into you test cases and get human-readable documents from it.


Bumblebee 0.1 is out the door!

I just released the first version of Bumblebee. You can read more about at
which of course is a document that is generated by Bumblebee.

It shows the first version of how to create snippeted documentation in a really easy way. It is rather
comprehensive, so I won’t repeat the details here, but feel free to ask any questions!